A prominent psychology study from 2014 concluded that:

“Wearing upper-class [i.e. a business suit], compared to lower-class [i.e. sweatpants] clothing induced dominance—measured in terms of negotiation profits and concessions, and testosterone levels—in participants. Upper-class clothing also elicited increased vigilance in perceivers of these symbols.”

Dressing better evidently makes other people perceive you as more capable and commanding of respect. The social Psychological and Personal Science Journal found a relationship between creativity and dressing formally – when people wore formal clothes they were more capable of abstract thought processes! Another study finds that wearing a white lab coat reduces the number of mistakes a person makes. All these studies seem to support our belief that what you wear manifests itself in your actions. For those who are working to achieve their dreams – dress for success and hack your mind!

Listen to this amazing podcast from Optimal Living Daily – on The Psychology Behind Clothing. It is an eye-opener!