It is hardly surprising that, of the two genders, men are the least attuned with the aesthetic arts – fashion and style to be specific. This is not a post about patriarchy and how society tends to judge women on the basis of how they look.  It is merely an observation based on the activity we have seen thus far on WHEN. It seems women are the most active constituent of the platform i.e they make the most use of WHEN‘s features and are more open to trying out new styles.

In a recent survey by AskMen where 21,480 men were asked about issues touching on topics like fitness, style, grooming, dating and sex – out of around 200 questions asked, men were able to answer 147 correctly. The weakest performance was around topics relating to fashion and grooming.

  • 65% of men don’t know what the proper tie length should be
  • 75% of men don’t know which hair product is right for them
  • 76% of men don’t know which button to button on a suit

AskMen’s style and grooming editor Kaitlyn McInnis said that:

“I wasn’t surprised to see that most men don’t know the correct tie length or which suit button to do up — unless guys are suiting up for work each day, the art of formal attire etiquette is often seen as an extra step, an afterthought,”

Those are some sobering statistics, but a closer look can tell you that men’s fashion advice is only starting to lift off. The bias has been traditionally towards women.

For the young men out there –WHEN is a good place to search and discover what you like. The main advantage is that most of the products are promotional, on sale or discount. This means you can buy and try out many styles until you find what suits you. After that, if you wish, you can buy the pricier versions knowing full well that they are good investments and will suit your individual style.