Month: October 2017

Are most men clueless about fashion?

It is hardly surprising that, of the two genders, men are the least attuned with the aesthetic arts – fashion and style to be specific. This is not a post about patriarchy and how society tends to judge women on the basis of how they look.  It is merely an observation based on the activity we have seen thus far on WHEN. It seems women are the most active constituent of the platform i.e they make the most use of WHEN‘s features and are more open to trying out new styles.

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When Streetwear Meets Luxury

High-end streetwear is where luxury brands are finding their growth.  This year alone, global sales of this segment have contributed upwards of 5%, bringing the total sales of luxury brands to around €263 billion ($309 billion) according to an analysis done by leading consultancy firm – Bain and Company.

Luxury Brands were in a bit of a flatline over the past two years. However, with streetwear making a revival among the younger customer base, we can expect around 5% growth yearly until 2020. “Customers are becoming younger, and that is very good for the mid- and longer-term survival of this industry since the younger generation seemed to be a little detached from luxury brands,” said Federica Levato, a partner at Bain & Company.

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WHEN supports Sustainable Fashion.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 84% of all unsold and unwanted clothing is thrown away. The question we ask here at WHEN is Why the waste? Fashion is fast moving and dynamic, from this perspective we understand why there is always excess inventory.  BUT, destroying all excess inventory is not a smart business move at all. It neglects the opportunities a platform like WHEN can provide – we can connect products on sale, promo or discount to a whole new segment of the market.  Again, we understand that trends move on at a fast rate and a brand has to continually stay ahead of the market and the competition. We also understand that having products on discount especially for luxury brands can result in brand erosion  i.e- the customer will no longer view the brand as exclusive, premium and on trend. For these very issues we offer a great solution.

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