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Insights – Plus Size Fashion (IV)

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This last section discusses how to present and communicate Plus Size Fashion to consumers. It looks at use cases from brands leading the charge in this fashion niche. The conversation revolves around the effective use of social media to bring often ostracised plus size communities together under the umbrella of an empathic brand.  Even more important, however, is that the brand does not lead the charge but lets the community create the content and co-create the product.

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Insights – Plus Size Fashion (III)

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Let’s look at the revenues that various leading online retailers have generated in recent years. How much of these revenues can be attributed to Plus Size Fashion? How much of these revenues can be attributed to a generally more inclusive and collaborative approach to fashion? The answers are not clear but we cannot deny the direct influence that Plus Size has had on the bottom line.

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Insights – Plus Size Fashion (II)

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In January 2017, Sports Illustrated placed the Plus Size model Ashley Graham on their cover. For many, this symbolised a turning point in the fashion industry in its attitude towards Plus-Sized fashion. The underlying truth in our opinion, is that the real reason why the fashion industry has begun paying more attention to this sector is almost entirely financial – Plus Size is an increasingly lucrative sector. The social pressure to be inclusive of all body types has played a role, however, the credit does not belong to brands suddenly realising that women come in all shapes and sizes, the credit belongs to the women themselves. More specifically the credit belongs to the many plus sized women who have become increasingly vocal and more confident and empowered. Continue reading

Insights – Plus Size Fashion (I)

For decades, retailers have treated women who wear plus sizes as an entirely different species of shopper. There was even a special set of rules for selling to them: Avoid bright colors. Never do horizontal stripes.

This blog post series will look closer at the state of Plus Size Fashion and how we see this sector evolving over the next few years.

Disclaimer – we are aware that many women have called for an end to the term Plus-Size.  It has connotations of discrimination and otherness and we agree. We simply use Plus-Size because it is still widely used by most people and brands. WHEN supports the move towards more positive terms.

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